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    Dear partner - visitor's my personal website.  

     First of all, let me introduce myself.

     My name is Sergii Pysmenskyi. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.

     I created this website to provide potential partner with inventions and the benefits that will get people from their use, and benefits the investor or future owner of the patents.

     I invented, developed and patented several types of modifications and new construction tools, which have similarity in the world. Under the agreement, "PCT" I filed three patent applications in WIPO ( On these inventions I received eight patents.

     I will say this, I am author of a loner. Personally own hands prepared tested industrial designs written terms of reference for patents. Tools Patent-1 and Patent-2 were created in a moment, as a technical solution for high-quality and fast plastering slopes.

     Quite simply I saw before the eyes, and preimages mental principles of future designs, and even colors, thus I immediately exclaimed loudly: "ohh, exactly, do the patents, and then produce and sell". All I seen sketched on paper, thought about and soon set to work. Since I am fairly easily with construction tools, work welding, grinder and other related tool for me as veterinary surgeon in the past is as simple as castration of cats or dogs.

     I bought the necessary metal, I went to work. Invention Patent-2 had slightly improved (simplified) as seen by a mental prototype of a slightly different nodal detail.
     Inventions Patent-1, I immediately saw how complex work involved in the invention Patent-2 for plastering slopes, and only after some time, when the invention revolved in my head, I realized how widespread and effective use of clamps, as described in Patent-1 materials.

     In consequence I have done different prototypes of construction tools Patent-1 and Patent-2 and began testing them. After a successful experiment, I went to experienced engineers with more experience in construction, he did not have time to explain, as soon as he saw the sketches and picked up the industrial designs it all looked, smiled and expressed the delight - pointing out to of variants more favorite models.

     Immediately followed by the question, and when these tools will be sold. I immediately figured out the benefits that will be, and translated them into money, and then I remembered the problems of past failures and some of the difficulties can be avoided by using this tool.

     More surprise was the universality, practicality, simplicity and the possibility of multi-step and easy to perform adjustments. Summary was brief: many builders do not like complicated devices - so these tools they will use with pleasure

     I made a detailed description of the - 40 pages about Patent-1 and - 10 p. Patent-2., And to the same shot a video. The patent attorney was surprised details quantity and quality of material, which he said is not frequent. Together with a patent attorney, we according to the rules of writing patents cut and edited texts, writing formulas.

     As soon as in “Ukrpatent”  I applied for a Patent-1 and Patent-2, realized that the Patent-2, in the alternative, and needs some protection, and after that thought immediately within 5 minutes born engineering new product Patent-3. I quickly jotted down on paper all, realized that and how to arrange it, and the result you can see on the website under Patent-3.

     After a while I have shown the sketches Patent-3, construction engineer, to which he was even more shocked simplicity solutions with all the consequences. The question was one, when and where all this already will be on sale.

     Experimental models of instruments (inventions) belonging to the Patent-1 and Patent-2 successfully exploit my friends builders multiple times increasing their earnings. Giving them high marks in the work. Even my friend who builds a house borrowed tools that would make their own slopes.

- The tools I am referring to will greatly facilitate and simplify the work of builders and improve quality and profitability of construction and finishing works;

- The tools in question have a broad area of application in the construction sector;

- These tools are not subject to aging and have no analogues in the world.

"Not one grandmother's ax gets old as fast as the computer ages"


- these tools are not subject to aging, as grandma ax.

     Detailed description of the invention, the principles their operation and economic calculations are placed in the appropriate sections of the website.

   About myself I can say the following:

     I was born in 1971 and lived in Ukraine. More than 20 years I living in the city Kiev. He served in the Soviet Army. I have several higher education and specialization: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Master - Manager Quality Management, Finance, Logistics Manager.

    Experience: medical instructor, a veterinarian for treatment of Pets and agricultural animals; researcher at the National Agrarian University, national sales manager of veterinary medicines; logistician in the medical journal, entrepreneur, manager of construction works; inventor.

    Interests: business, engineering, technology, inventions, trade, construction, self-education, computers, automobiles, healthy lifestyle, travel, psychology, religion, spirituality, meditation, vegetarianism, and more.

          At the moment I working on inventions and their commercialization.

    For personal qualities can be attributed within yourselves: 

initiative, resourcefulness, determination, resourcefulness, ingenuity, attention to detail, creativity, quick learner, stress, negotiation skills, high success cold and active sales, optimism, perseverance, critical thinking, organizational skills, communication skills, I have the engineering mindset with my plate formations, consistent ability to work brains and hands, and the ability to read interlocutor, realist - researcher with a sense of humor, supporter of the obligations and justice, other.

    I appreciate in people:
 openness, honesty, morality, spirituality, intelligence, responsibility.

    My goal - the creation of a transparent business based on innovation, which would be easily over time and produce a decent profit to shareholders.

     In the world there are still many, complex and heavy physical labor, let us together make efforts to facilitate the work of people.

These inventions are made for people that would facilitate their work and life.

    ”People will use these tools in the centuries”

Please inform me of their decision, and we can agree.


I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

© Sergii Pysmenskyi

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