Inventions for repair

and construction


        Are shown in picture on the Figure 1-2-3 existing in the production and sale of related hand tools building DIY, which are sold in many supermarkets building in the world, and have a massive demand and application.
        I propose the invention is a four DIY hand tools that effectively complement the existing range of related tools.
       The invention will be used in conjunction with existing building DIY tools enhancing their performance in more than 10 segments of the work!
        Indicated in the picture 1-2-3  figures construction tools produced in dozens of factories in the world, and sold all over the world by millions of dollars.


 picture - 1















  picture - 2














 picture - 3















My four inventions which I propose to introduce in production and replenish the existing adjacent segment of DIY tools located on the first three slides
















Below the slides are imaged to demonstrate how and sections
the application of the four inventions -
DIY tools for building and finishing and repair work


















































































Author inventions

Sergii Pysmenskyi


Skype: svpKiev1

Mob: +38 050 702 11 19




You can call or write

Lyudmila Makhynya


Skype: makhynya777

Mob: +38 067 408 20 33


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