Inventions for repair

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The inventions for construction, finishing, repair work 

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Clamp type «I» and «L» for building, finishing, repair work.

Invention DIY TOOLS 

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    Device for slopes plastering.

DiIY invention - tool "lighthouse roller" 

         Video address: 



PART 1. Plastering slopes faster and better

invention using tools DIY -

fixing type «I» or «L» and «lighthouse roller" 

  Video address: 



PART 2. Plastering quickly and qualitatively slopes

using the invention DIY fixing type «I» or «L»

and «lighthouse roller"

  Video address: 



Painting sets corner outer corners plastered slope using

DIY buckle type «I» or «L»

 Video address: 



Painting sets corner for gypsum by inventing

tool DIY buckle type «I» or «L» 

 Video address: 



Facing tile drywall using the invention

tool DIY - fixing type «I» 

 Video address: 



Tiles wall fast and quality using the invention fixing

tool DIY type «I» 

Video address: 



Tiles wall above the window opening doors limited

to apply the invention diy latches type «I» and «L»

 Video address: 




Plastering walls adjoin the windows and doorways,

 DIY using type latches «I» or «L» 

  Video address:



Mounting solution sill to quickly and qualitatively,

the invention is applied DIY - clamp type «I» 

 Video address: 



Installation wall safe faster and better using

the invention DIY - clamp type «I»

  Video address: 



SUMMARY: invention, construction tools

accelerates finishing repairs

  Video address:


 To view the video clip please copy the link and paste in the address line of your browser, then press enter. Sorry for the inconvenience and poor video quality in Russian. My goal is to show you visually how to operate the invention and their practical application in the work. Movie length-  22 minutes. Video is divided into two portions of 11 minutes for each of the links. Background music and the font end of the first and second portions serve to synchronize the video and the video of the site. After watching the two parts of the video please can see and explore the Website anymore.

The first part of the video presentation inventions - tools DIY:

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что бы посмотерть первую часть видеопрезентации изобретений)

The second part of the video presentation inventions - tools DIY:
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что бы посмотерть вторую часть видеопрезентации изобретений)

Video-Example of using tools roller screeds and using type «I» and «L» locks (this devices DIY) to plaster door esconsons:

(Rus: согласно ссылке браузера находится видео-пример oштукатуривания откоса двери при помощи изобретенных DIY инструментов «Маяк Ролик»  и Фиксаторов тип «I» или «L»  ©  Sergii Pysmenskyii,  Ukraine,  Kiev)



© Sergii Pysmenskyi


Author inventions

Sergii Pysmenskyi


Skype: svpKiev1

Mob: +38 050 702 11 19




You can call or write

Lyudmila Makhynya


Skype: makhynya777

Mob: +38 067 408 20 33


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